iVMS – video analysis and intelligent data processing software

Vantech AI Software – iVMS video analysis software and intelligent data processing

iVMS and main functions of video analysis software

Smart video analysis:

iVMS video analysis software is integrated with advanced technologies such as facial recognition, license plate recognition, motion detection, and many other smart features. This helps the system automatically detect and warn about suspicious events, ensuring effective security and monitoring.

Common events and contexts are analyzed in iVMS Video Analysis Software

  • Loitering: Detect and warn when someone stays in an area for a long time without a specific purpose.
  • Dwell Time: Measures the time an object or person stays in a specific location for a specified period of time.
  • Path Passing: Track and record the movement of objects or people passing through specified locations.
  • Directional Moving: Tracks the direction of movement of an object or person to detect unusual changes in direction of movement.
  • Stopping: Detects and warns when an object or person stops for too long a period of time.
  • Abandoned: Detects and warns when objects or items are left behind in a critical or inappropriate area.
  • Removal: Detect and warn when an object or item is moved or taken away from a specified location.
  • Smoke: Detect smoke or fire signals in the frame to warn of problems.
  • Flame: Detect and warn when there is fire or fire signals in the frame.
  • People: Identify and count the number of people present in the frame.
  • Grouping: Identifying and grouping objects or people together based on similarities or location relationships.
  • Violence: Detect and warn of violent acts or conflicts in the frame.
  • Vehicle: Identify and classify moving vehicles such as cars, motorbikes, trucks, etc.
  • Car Stopping: This feature detects and warns when a car stops in the monitoring area.
  • Parking: Detection and monitoring of parking, including determining whether a vehicle is parked in a specific location.
  • Traffic Congestion: Detects and warns of traffic congestion, based on analysis and monitoring of vehicle flow and speed on the road.
  • Water Level: This feature monitors and alerts on water levels in areas such as rivers, lakes, ponds, or drainage systems to monitor flow conditions or flash floods.

iVMS – video analysis software is an intelligent and versatile monitoring system, supporting the analysis and identification of notable events, phenomena, or behaviors from surveillance camera images.

Flexible camera management:

iVMS video analysis software supports the management of multiple cameras from many different brands, while allowing remote inspection and monitoring.

In addition, users can adjust settings such as viewing angle, resolution and recording mode, ensuring the system operates as desired and saving bandwidth.

Efficient recording and storage:

iVMS video analytics software allows users to conveniently manage and store videos. With intelligent video compression, iVMS reduces file size and bandwidth without affecting image quality. At the same time, iVMS supports cloud storage and network storage solutions, allowing remote video access and secure data protection.

Platform integration and compatibility:

iVMS video analytics software is designed for easy analysis from different systems and devices. This software is compatible with many camera equipment brands in a single interface and popular communication protocols such as ONVIF, RTSP and PSIA.

In Vietnam, iVMS has become known to many people through the AI ​​Server system that has been equipped for large projects such as: Building smart cities, Houses of Parliament, etc.

User-friendly and easy-to-use interface:

iVMS video analysis software has a friendly and easy-to-use user interface, helping users quickly access and take advantage of the software’s features. The interface is designed to be intuitive, allowing users to easily learn and operate video management, viewing and analysis functions.

Furthermore, iVMS also provides flexible management tools such as user and access management, tracking and viewing activity history, and data reporting.

This helps users test the monitoring system effectively, while providing important information to make the best decisions and assessments.

iVMS has many important applications in life and industry

Home Security:

iVMS video analytics software is used in home security surveillance systems to protect and monitor homes, garden areas and various locations.

iVMS’s intelligent video analysis software such as facial recognition and motion detection help users identify strangers and suspicious events.

This helps increase home security and provide early warning of dangerous conditions.

Asset Management:

iVMS video analytics software is used across industries to monitor and protect critical assets.

For example, in the transportation and logistics industry, iVMS can be exploited to monitor goods in warehouses, monitor access to key areas, and detect unusual activities such as theft or damage. property damage.

Traffic management:

Phần mềm phân tích video iVMS có thể được sử dụng trong hệ thống giám sát giao thông để theo dõi và phân tích dữ liệu từ camera giao thông.
iVMS video analytics software can be used in traffic monitoring systems to monitor and analyze data from traffic cameras.

iVMS video analytics software can be used in traffic monitoring systems to monitor and analyze data from traffic cameras.

For example, iVMS can recognize license plates, detect traffic law violations such as red lights or speeding, and support traffic data analysis to optimize processes and improve traffic safety.

Event management:

iVMS video analytics software can be used in public event management or in buildings, shopping malls, stadiums and many other places. iVMS helps monitor and manage security during events, detect and respond quickly to dangerous issues, and provide critical data and information for troubleshooting and safety for customers.

Industrial asset management:

iVMS can be applied in industry to monitor and protect critical assets such as plants, equipment and infrastructure. With iVMS, industrial companies can monitor and manage the performance of critical equipment and assets to ensure the continuous and efficient operation of production systems.

For example, in the manufacturing industry, iVMS can be deployed to monitor equipment and machinery in the production process. By using iVMS video analytics software features, such as motion recognition and error detection, problems or damage can be detected early. This enhances predictability and avoids dangerous problems or production disruptions.

Furthermore, iVMS provides the ability to track and record data on industrial asset performance.

Tracking the location, status, and performance history of assets enhances effective management, planning for maintenance and repairs, and optimization of asset utilization. This simultaneously helps minimize downtime and increase production efficiency in industrial environments.

In addition, iVMS also supports flexible recording and storage features, allowing video data to be stored for long periods of time for inspection, analysis and processing purposes.

Industrial asset management through iVMS enhances risk management, ensures compliance with regulations and safety standards, and improves the operational efficiency of critical industries.

Multi-industry and flexible applications:

iVMS video analysis software is not only applied in the field of security surveillance but can also be applied in many different industries.

With intelligent video analytics capabilities, iVMS can be developed in areas such as traffic, asset protection, event management, access inspection and many other applications. This allows iVMS to meet the diverse needs of organizations and businesses.

iVMS helps enhance security, performance, and operational efficiency across diverse industries.

Enhanced security:

Phần mềm phân tích video iVMS giúp nhận diện, ghi lại và phân tích các sự kiện đáng chú ý,
iVMS video analysis software helps identify, record and analyze notable events.


iVMS helps identify, record and analyze notable events, ensuring effective security and monitoring for areas such as public, transportation and industry.

Advanced management:

iVMS video analytics software provides centralized management and real-time information, enhancing monitoring capabilities and making quick decisions.

Save time and effort:

iVMS’s automatic analysis and warning feature helps minimize the need to manually view and control videos, saving users time and effort.

With diverse product attributes, smart integration and benefits, iVMS is a leading software in the field of managing and analyzing images from surveillance cameras.

This product meets security and surveillance needs in public, transportation, and industrial sectors. From detecting and classifying events such as motion and illegal parking, to facial recognition and detecting violent behavior, iVMS helps increase security, improve management and save time and effort strength.

By using iVMS, users can leverage advanced technology to ensure safety and efficiency in system monitoring.

In short, for large-scale and centralized data management, either it is necessary to control and prevent dangerous situations with a large level of damage, or it is as simple as the need to take care of objects with selective installation. , we cannot help but mention the benefits that iVMS brings.

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