Vantech cloud advertising solution

New value for visual advertising technology through cloud computing

  1. The screen is protected by tempered glass with 4K resolution, 178-degree viewing angle, displaying wide, sharp images, overcoming any dead corners, high durability, lifespan up to 60,000 hours of continuous operation. continues 24/7.
  2. Can easily customize the display of multiple images/videos of different sizes, meeting all types of advertising.
  3. Especially supporting Cloud CMS and App Mobile in Vietnamese language, helping users easily centrally manage an unlimited number of devices via the internet.
  4. Visually displays the device’s status, such as whether it is active or disconnected. We can set up operation according to the desired schedule, automatically turn off the device when not needed to save power consumption.
  5. Allows you to manage devices on a digital GIS map in an intuitive way, making it extremely easy to manage all the screens you own, operating status, etc.


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